The idea for the kids repair programs began in 1995 when Curt “Grandad” Eure was working along side an area youngster to beautify their neighborhood.  Through conversation, “Grandad” discovered that the kid’s were losing their bikes to theft and neglect.

“Grandad” wanted to teach children responsibility through bike ownership, safety and maintenance.  The bike program was developed from his idea.  “Grandad’s” efforts began by sharing his funds, seeking donations of bicycles and finding support from people who were as committed as he was.  Soon area children were repairing bikes, learning safety and providing information about the program to other neighborhood children.  Grandad was asked  to represent the North-side Neighborhood as the program coordinator.  Private donations had provided program funding; the bike program then formalized.

The Lansing Police Department began donating bicycles and bike helmets to the project.  The Lansing City Council has been generous in their support of the program.  A grant was received from the Mayor’s Office.  Equipment was purchased and more children were recruited. 

Funding was not renewed for neighborhood projects and the rental space was lost.  In 1998, by networking with other agencies, “Grandad” was able to relocate to the Impression 5 Science Center.  The last 8 years the program continued to grow to the point that they needed more room.  Thanks to the Lansing School District and GM Volunteers in the fall of 2005, they are presently located at the Hill Center Academy.

Come and see what the Lord has done with Grandad and the volunteers at KRP.